Lodge Name & Emblem

Why the name Ashley Hill? A number of the Founders lived in Knowl Hill and Hurley, within sight of Ashley Hill; hence this was chosen as the name of the new lodge and an image of it is incorporated on the banner.

The artist who designed our banner was Reuben Heavens; he was not actually a mason although some thirty years later his son in law, Harold Cash, was initiated into the lodge. The brief was to incorporate Ashley Hill and Hurley Church in the design.

The final version chosen showed a straight forward view of Ashley Hill, bereft of tree cover as it looked then, framed in a Norman style arch, a replica of the arch over the main doorway into Hurley Church. The lodge banner was presented by the late W.Bro Bertram Wheeler, and was dedicated on the 2nd June 1965. The Tyler’s sword was presented by the late W.Bro John Crowther.

A fuller history of the Ashley Hill banner in particular can be found here, written by the artist himself, Reuben Heavens.