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Freemasonry on BBC Radio Berkshire

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Berkshire’s Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Martin G Peters, PGSwdB, and W Bro Roy Stone Ast PGM talked to Henry Kelly on BBC Radio Berkshire Saturday 9th January. This was the first of four sessions and will cover the topic “What is Freemasonry”.

Week two is on Charity with W Bro John Nixon AstPGM and W Bro Gerry Hann Prov Charity Steward and will discuss our charitable giving and some of the benefits we bring to the community.

Week three is on the history of Freemasonry with RW Bro Mike Hooton PGM and W Bro Tony Barstow Past AstPGM and other general information will also be discussed.

Week four will be a question and answer session attended by W Bro Chris Connop Information Officer at Grand Lodge and others.

Since the above broadcasts, the recordings are now no longer available on BBC iPlayer.

Visit to Grand Lodge

Monday, January 11th, 2010

On Saturday 9th January two members of Ashley Hill visited the United Grand Lodge of England, London. Below are some mobile phone snaps that were taken.

For information on the United Grand Lodge of England, or to arrange a visit, go to their website at

Snow disruption

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Given the inclement weather it has been suggested by both the WM and Lodge DC that we may be being a bit optimistic holding our first Lodge of Instruction of 2010. The class, scheduled for Wednesday 6 January, comes amidst severe snow.

One member of Ashley Hill had to abandon his car on the road of the Berkshire Masonic Centre two weeks ago, and this weeks snow is more severe. It’s also reported that the Masonic Centre is closed as the staff cannot get in.

Anyone wishing to contact the Berkshire Masonic Centre can do so on 0118 979 5104, or visit the Provincial Website at